8 L Tank

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8.0 L Tank (Body Only)
Recommended for group housing

  • Made of blue polycarbonate inhibits algae growth
  • Siphon system offers continued suction for the removal of dirt and particles
  • Sloping base facilitates dirt removal and extraction
  • Baffle keeps animals safe in the housing area
  • Easy to clean
  • Autoclavable up to 250F, standard cycles


Polycarbonate Lid for the 8.0 L Housing Tank

  • Sits on the top of the tank
  • Secure and precise fit keeps fish in the tank
  • Easy to lift to access the animals
  • Precise perforations for water inlet and food delivery (no hoses needed)
  • Made of blue polycarbonate
  • Great transparency allows optimal visibility
  • Autoclavable (up to 250 F, standard cycles)


Pattented Siphon System for the Continued Suction and Removal of Dirt and Particles

  • Made of polymer plastics for maximum durability
  • Autoclavable up to 250F, standard cycles

    The 8.0 L housing tank requires TWO siphons

Silicon Spring

Silicon Spring

  • Allows the siphon's proper functioning when the tank is docked to the rack.
  • Automatically raises the siphon's position to stop the suction avoiding water spillage when the tank is removed from the rack.
  • Made of silicon
  • Autoclavable up to 250 F, standard cycles

    The 8.0 L tank requires TWO springs (one per siphon).


A baffle separates the housing compartment from the water extraction chamber.

- Made of polycarbonate
- Autoclavable up to 250 F
- More sizes available

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