Separates the housing compartment from the water extraction chamber

- Made of polycarbonate
- Autoclavable up to 250 F
- More sizes available

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Picture of Adult Baffle
Adult Baffle
Maximizes the removal particles
Recommended use for adult fish only (not for fry, juvenile or sub-adult animals).
Part Number: ZBUNBF
Picture of 300μ Net Baffle
300μ Net Baffle
Recommended for zebrafish breeding and early development stages.

Made of polycarbonate
Autoclavable up to 250F
Part Number: ZB300BF
Picture of 500μ Net Baffle
500μ Net Baffle
Recommended for fish at the juvenile stage.
Part Number: ZB500BF
Picture of 800μ Net Baffle
800μ Net Baffle
Recommended for use with fish at sub-adult stage.
Part Number: ZB800BF