Premium 1800 Isochrysis

"Providing a cost-effective alternative to live algae can be the difference between profit and loss in a hatchery. Produced by Reed Mariculture, Instant Algae® is a high quality, super-concentrated, liquid, marine microalgae feed for larval shrimp, fish and bivalves. It can be used to supplement or replace live algae in the hatchery.
Instant Algae® is 95–100% as effective as live algae. Algae concentration is based on the density of the average live algae culture (i.e., one liter Premium 3600 is equal to 3,600 liters of an average algae culture).Weighs 3 lbs.
Premium 1800 Isochrysis Instant Algae"
Part Number: UES0000022
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